My Work

Primroses Final-02

All is well

A nature inspired mini collection.

Stormy Weather messy pink and blue

Stormy Weather

A watercolor painting, digitalised and turned into a pattern with different colorways.


Rainy Days-Snowy Days

A little girl embracing the serenity of raindrops falling around her.

Mini collection


Summer In The City

Sunshine, Rain, Planes, Skyline and Stripes…. they always work!

Collection for children and everybody who likes colors.

About me

Hello, I’m Natalie!

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had a successful career as a sound engineer and voice-over artist. But my creativity doesn’t stop at sound. I’m also a passionate digital artist and surface pattern designer. My artistic skills extend beyond the auditory domain, enabling me to craft visually captivating designs and patterns that enhance various projects. My voice has featured in many brand campaigns, and I’ve contributed as a dubbing artist in various projects. I’ve also worked with renowned ensembles as a sound engineer.. Besides my professional work, I organize workshops for studio voiceover and am a proud mother of three children.

If you are interested in licensing one of my designs please contact me.